Dr. Franklin Chang is taking on Costa Rican development once again.

A new solar farm proposed by Dr. Franklin Chang’s Ad Astra Rocket Company will generate 76 kilowatts of power with over 200 panels. Moreover, the farm is supposed to begin production this very year.

This is just one of the several new renewable energy projects undertaken by Ad Astra’s Energetic and Environmental Services division. Also underway are a series of wind turbines, energy storage units and hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

According to their website:

[quote_box_center]The Central American region has been known for its broad use of hydro-power and geothermal energy… while it still uses significant amounts of fossil fuels in the electrical and transportation sectors. It is Ad Astra’s main objective to provide sustainable solutions, in order to enhance the development of renewable energy markets across the region and therefore, assure a better future.[/quote_box_center]

Initial electricity production will go toward covering their own needs at the La Flor location in Liberia. Eventually, however, the company hopes to sell surplus back to the national grid.

Chang’s Advice

Franklin Chang Sets an Example for Private Energy Production
via Ad Astra Rocket

In a recent article on, Dr. Chang advocates for other private companies follow in La Flor’s footsteps and develop their own renewable energy plans. At the same time he states the Costa Rican State should better encourage companies to reduce their emissions.

First Things First

Of course, renewable energy production can only have its full effect when it is preceded by energy efficient practices. Learn how you or your business can decrease energy usage and save money today by clicking here.