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    The Fascinating Ujarrás Ruins of Costa Rica

    The curved side scrolls that join the first and third bodies that cover the gabled roof, their movement announce the arrival of the Baroque.

    Three Recreational Spaces in Orosi and Ujarrás Reopened this Week

    After a year of being closed, three recreational spaces in Orosi and Ujarrás reopened this week. It is the Orosi viewpoint and the Ujarrás...

    The Ujarras´ Ruins Come To Know Them!

    The Ujarras´ Ruins are the vestigial material of the first church built in Costa Rica in colonial times under the title of Our Lady...

    Archaeological and Historical “Ruins” Tourism, an Interesting Option When Coming To Costa Rica

    There is a certain type of tourism that some people are inclined to enjoy, that is, “visiting archaeological and historical ruins”, find out what...

    Viewpoints that You Should Know When Traveling to Costa Rica

    One of the characteristics that best define Costa Rica is its impressive landscapes. The Costa Rican territory has a great variety of climates and...
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