The Ujarras´ Ruins Come To Know Them!

The Ujarras´ Ruins a place surrounded by history

The Ujarras´ Ruins are the vestigial material of the first church built in Costa Rica in colonial times under the title of Our Lady of the Clean Conception.

The Ujarras´ Ruins is a place full of legendary history, one of them tells that the construction of this church is based on the discovery made by an indigenous fisherman of an image of the Virgin that in a wooden box floated in the stream of the river Pacuare.

The historical data of The Ujarras´ Ruins indicate that the temple was built between 1575 and 1580 to house an image of the Immaculate Conception, a gift from the monarch Felipe II, who became popularly known as the Virgin of the rescue.

This name refers to his miraculous intervention in the flight of the pirates led by Eduard Mansvelt and Henry Morgan, who had invaded the population of The Ujarras´ Ruins.

Although the church was abandoned, the place has been gaining picturesqueness over the years. In the surroundings The Ujarras´ Ruins a beautiful garden has been built, where a bucolic space has turned out where resting and having a picnic would be ideal.

How was the church of what is now The Ujarras´ Ruins?

The lime and song church that we know was made by Governor Gómez de Lara.

 This church was short, it had a sacristy, a cloister and various rooms for the doctrine and the pilgrim deputies who used to go down to Carthage for the feast of the Virgin.

The roof of all these buildings was made of clay tiles.

The doorway of the church, with a single open door in front of the Franciscan (colonial) side doors, made of two-leaf wood with its corresponding knockers.

Outside the front door and at the top of it there was a table balcony with its corresponding railing from where the exterior of The Ujarras´ Ruins rang the bells.

It is worth mentioning that the church complex of today is The Ujarras´ Ruins is made up of several parts such as the cemetery.

How is the Ujarras´ Ruins National Monument located?

The Ujarras´ Ruins National Monument is 10 minutes away. The Ujarras´ Ruins is the only thing that remains of the first church built in Costa Rica in the 17th century and they are appreciated as a reliquary from the colonial era.

The Ujarras´ Ruins are a place of utmost importance since it was an indigenous settlement.

The indigenous population The Ujarras´ Ruins became extinct in the early 18th century, making it a mestizo town. Florencio del Castillo, who was president of the courts of Cádiz, was born there.

Where to go on vacation at Easter here you have an option?

We present you a wonderful place relatively close to the capital, where admission is completely free.

The Ujarras´ Ruins are extremely close to the capital of San José, located 5 kilometers east of the church of paradise, on the road to Cachi in a rural town, but due to its tranquility and natural attractions, it is a good destination to spend good times.

As a curious fact, we let you know that every year on April 14 a pilgrimage is held in honor of the Virgen de Rescate.

Finally, come and discover a little more about the History The Ujarras´ Ruins.

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