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    Alert: “Junk Food” Is Harming Birds!

    Better known as the "Darwin’s finches", it is the species of birds that, until now, most feeds on food prepared for human consumption. This...

    Do You Know Our Exotic Coco Island?

    The great Isla del Coco National Park is located in the Pacific Ocean. It was created on June 22nd, 1978. This park is made...

    Giant Tortoise Considered Disappeared 1 Century Ago Was Found

    A sample of one of the endemic giant turtle species of the Ecuadorian archipelago of Galápagos, considered extinct a century ago, was found on...
    Isla del Coco Costa Rica

    Isla del Coco, The Amazing Place That Left a NatGeo Explorer Speechless

    HE CONSIDERS THE PLACE AS A “SPIRITUAL” SITE Isla del Coco is one of the symbols of the singular beauty of Costa Rica beaches. To...

    So You Didn’t Like the Results of the Election – Considering a Move?

    Celebrities and many others are saying that they are now considering a move – to anywhere out of the United States in fact.  There...
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