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    Two new transparent shrimp discovered

    by ALEJANDRA VARGAS M Two new species of transparent mini-shrimp were discovered by scientists at the University of Costa Rica (UCR) in the waters off...
    Isla del coco

    UCR and UNA sail on an expedition to Isla del Coco

    by ALEJANDRA VARGAS M Scientists at the University of Costa Rica and the National University set sail yesterday to Cocos Island aboard the tourist boat...

    The Search for the Rare Blue Morpho in Costa Rica

    Featured Eco Columnist Elizabeth Mann For a year one of my dreams had been to see and film the Blue Morpho butterfly in its natural habitat....

    Diseases, Defects, and Injuries of Butterflies in Costa Rica

    In Costa Rica rainforests, butterflies with defects soon become part of the food chain. When raising caterpillars and butterflies inside an enclosed area, injuries...

    Eco hotel Waterfall Villas now offers Detox Yoga Retreat

    Exclusive boutique eco hotel Waterfall Villas now offers a specialized Detox Yoga Retreat. To relieve stress and undergo a healing process detoxification offers a...

    Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly’s Survival In Costa Rica

    By Elizabeth Mann The Cloudless Sulphur butterfly can be found from southern United States, through Central America, Costa Rica, to the northern part of Argentina....

    Hidden Natural Treasure of the Pacific Ocean

    The first group of hammerhead sharks came straight toward us. They were three to four meters long and their self-confident approach caused us to...

    Talking to Monkeys

    See and listen to the sounds of howler monkey's and green parrots at La Amistad, Playa Panama, Costa Rica.

    The Long-tailed Skipper in Costa Rica

    By Elizabeth Mann This beautiful butterfly is one of the largest skippers. Skippers are smaller than common butterflies and usually feed on grass. Skippers were...
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