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    5 Curiosities of Costa Rican Coffee: “The Golden Grain”

    According to the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica (Icafé), there are currently more than 93,000 hectares of coffee and more than 38,000 producers dedicated...

    Proposal to Declare Costa Rica's Coffee a National Symbol Advances

    Recently, the affirmative opinion was given of the Legislative Special Commission on Science, Technology, and Education, in which Costa Rican coffee will be declared...

    Costa Rican Coffee: The Best in the World and Deeply Rooted In Our Culture

    Costa Rican coffee is a culture with a tradition built for centuries of careful dedication to details from the selection of seeds to serving the brew on the family table. It is in almost every facet of the collective imaginary and feelings, as a way of understanding life.

    Would You Like A Chorreado? It’s International Coffee Day

    October 1, 2019 is the the fourth year the world celebrates International Coffee Day. This unoficial date pays tribute to the beverage and to...
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    Starbucks Plans to Open New Outlets in Costa Rica

    Starbucks has been in Costa Rica for 5 years. There are 11 Starbucks cafés in Costa Rica and 35 in Central America. Coffee chain Starbucks celebrated...

    Experience Costa Rican Coffee in Café Britt

    People all over the world are drinking 2,500,000,000 cups of coffee in one day. A person drinking 2.5 cups per day, as it is...
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