Starbucks Plans to Open New Outlets in Costa Rica

The new outlet will be in Western Costa Rica, in the metropolitan area

Starbucks has been in Costa Rica for 5 years. There are 11 Starbucks cafés in Costa Rica and 35 in Central America.

Coffee chain Starbucks celebrated its 5th anniversary in Costa Rica. The company announced that they are planning to expand even more in Costa Rica and in Central America.

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However, the growing rate is not the same as it was in the first years in the country.

In this moment, Starbucks has 35 shops in the Central American region, spread in: Costa Rica (11), El Salvador (11), Guatemala (7) and Panama (6).

Besides that, in this year, they will open 5 other outlets: one more in Costa Rica, another one in Panama, and two more in El Salvador and in Guatemala, according to Monica Bianchini, general manager of Starbucks Central America.

As for the Starbucks new shop’s location in Costa Rica, Bianchini decided not to reveal the specific location but she affirmed it will be opened in the metropolitan area of Western Costa Rica.

Bianchini admitted that the expansion rate of the brand has stopped in the last years. She claimed it has been difficult for Starbucks to find places in good condition to build more shops.

Nonetheless, she said that the company is satisfied with the up-to-now expansion in Costa Rica since the first outlet was built in 2012 on Escazu Avenue.

Other Starbucks cafés in Costa Rica are in: Lincoln Plaza, Cronos Plaza, Real Alajuela Square, Itskatzu Square, Freses Square, District 4, Los Yoses, Plaza de la Cultura (Culture Square), La Sabana and at Juan Santamaria International Airport.

In this moment, the company counts on 133 contributors in the country.

Last year, the brand promoted the first coffee brand cultivated in Costa Rica, called Alsacia coffee. This item is produced on the Starbucks’ farm located in Poas de Alajuela.

This farm will be open to the public next year.

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