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    Discover 5 Amazing Places to Camp in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a country that amazes in every corner with its beautiful landscapes and paradisiacal beaches

    Costa Rica: A Unique Destination…

    Costa Rica is a country considered one of the main natural treasures of Central America. Its heavenly beaches and warm weather, almost all year...

    Saint Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica

    the "Día de Los Enamorados" (also known in other countries as the "Day of Love and Friendship").

    Depths of the “Cahuita” National Park

    The name Cahuita comes from the terms "Kawe" which means "Sangrillo" (a local tree in the area) and "Ta" which means "Punta". This National...
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    Climate Change is Taking its Toll on Cahuita’s Biodiversity

    Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica is a good example of how the global warming is affecting the seashores. Marcos Sánchez, one of the best...
    Explore Costa Rica's Best Beaches | TCRN

    10 of the Best Beaches in Costa Rica

    The most amazing beaches, surrounded by the most copious nature. We invite you to discover some of the most paradisiacal of Costa Rica. Playa Conchal....
    Kelly Creek Hotel Cahuita

    Wildlife in your Backyard – Kelly Creek Hotel

    Wake up by the howling of the monkeys, get up with a deep breath of the fresh and salty air of the sea and...
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