Summer Came Without Warning

Tips to Deal with It

Did the bikini season take you by surprise? Then reduce cellulite, strengthen your hair, and repair your skin before going to the beach.

Slim girl in bikini
Slim girl in bikini

The arrival of summer has innumerable benefits. The days are longer and the weather invites you to take vacations and break the routine. But happiness has a price; your sacrifices to be able to wear an enviable body … in a bikini!

This is the moment that you regret having broken the diet, throwing your videos of aerobic exercises, and neglecting your skin during the winter. Now that you need to increase your attractiveness, it is when you are most bothered by cellulite, the loss of shine in the hair and the dryness of the skin.

But do not worry. You are still in time to save yourself! And not only that, here we tell you what you need to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays and environmental factors.

Remember that if you exfoliate your body and prepare it for the sun, hydrating it daily and also, you use the right sunblock, you will achieve a healthy and lasting tan.

In short, how you look this summer depends on your perseverance. The solution is to save time while putting the following recommendations into practice.

Combat cellulite and prepare your curves to display them

The orange skin is formed when the fat cells grow and are grouped in small nodules that are more visible around the legs, abdomen, and back. Controlling this problem requires prevention and perseverance.

Cellulite legs vs soft peach skin legs
Cellulite legs vs soft peach skin legs

According to experts, there is a close relationship between cellulite and toxins accumulated in the body. That’s why one of the best ways to fight them is to eat a balanced diet and exercise.

But there are also firming and reducing creams that diminish their appearance. Its intense moisturizing action prevents the accumulation of liquids, giving more firmness to the skin.

Other more drastic solutions are lymphatic drainage massage, that detoxifies the area, and liposuction, a cosmetic surgery that eliminates accumulated fat.

Detoxify your body

A diet low in fat, fried foods, animal proteins and sugar will help reduce and prevent cellulite. It is also important that you reduce your consumption of coffee, salt alcohol and replace junk foods with fiber-rich vegetables.

Drink more water try to drink at least 2 liters a day. Aerobics, walking, swimming, and riding a bicycle, at least 3 times a week, will significantly reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the body.

Woman running in summer
Woman running in summer

Dry skin and no shine moisturizer to the rescue

The sweat and sun sessions that we face during the summer make the epidermis lose more liquid, depleting moisturizing water reserves of the skin. That is why hydration.

Avoid harshness and dryness, using formulas that contain vitamins and nutrients to balance the degree of moisture and maintain the controls of elasticity, smoothness, and smoothness.

Do you want to get more out of the products? Use them daily after bathing and after exfoliation, when the pores are more open and have a greater absorption capacity.

Exfoliate before sunbathing

To achieve a balanced suntan you need to exfoliate your body, so you will eliminate the dead cells that are on the surface leaving a radiant and smooth skin.

Through a good exfoliation, you also eliminate oils and impurities that cause the appearance of rashes and pimples on the body. Experts recommend exfoliating once or twice a week, depending on the product you use there are exfoliators that you can use daily.

Choose a product that contains natural ingredients such as salt, sugar or seaweed. If you have sensitive skin, you will need one that contains micro-pigments that act gently on the skin.

In the rough areas of the body such as elbows, knees, and heels, you can use a mechanical scrub, sponge, gloves, brushes, or a washcloth.

Protect yourself with sun blockers

The main defense of the organism against solar aggressions is melanin (pigment responsible for the color in the skin). But unfortunately, this protective barrier is not enough to prevent sun exposure from causing damage that may be as minor as a superficial burn or as serious as cancer and premature aging.

Woman applying sunblock on her legs
Woman applying sunblock on her legs

To avoid any damage you must use a protector or blocker that filters the harmful radiation of the sun. When choosing a sunscreen you should take into account how the sunscreen index works. It is about multiplying the time you can be in the sun with the amount of protection.

That is if in only 10 minutes your skin tans without knowing without using any product that protects it, a protection index of 5 will allow you to stay under the sun without burning yourself 5 times longer. The sun protection factor loses its effectiveness with the passage of time to renew it at least every 2 hours.

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