Strong Boost for CETICZN! CRUSA Foundation Supports Regional Technological Project

Strong Boost for CETICZN! The CRUSA Foundation Supports Regional Technological Project

The Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies of the North Zone (CETICZN) received a strong boost in its organizational process. Fourteen years after its creation, the chamber is progressing at a good pace to be a cluster initiative in the non-metropolitan area.

The Costa Rica-United States Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA), through management carried out by the Ministry of the Presidency, approved an important non-reimbursable fund for the organization, which is complemented by a local counterpart.

Said foundation is a promoter of sustainable development in the country that seeks to catalyze initiatives that enhance sustainability by having strategic partners in the regions. It is a private Costa Rican foundation, independent and non-profit, oriented to support projects within its strategic focus, and the management and promotion of long-range initiatives, alliances and cooperation networks. The current Board of Directors of CETICZN is made up of people from different companies, cooperatives and organizations in the region.

“Between CETICZN, the Crusa Foundation and the Presidential Ministry we have been orchestrating a project idea that aims to strengthen the technological pole, but also to bring the subject of technology closer to other industries such as tourism, the agricultural sector and commerce,” said Dennis Pacheco, President of CETICZN.

14 years of work in the northern region

CETICZN was born in 2006 within the framework of the ICT Commission of the Agency for the Development of the Northern Zone (ADEZN) from a group of technology companies that at that time were struggling to break through the competitive technology market of information.

Today the technology sector grouped in CETICZN is made up of more than 12 companies that provide services to national and foreign clients, generating more than 400 direct jobs in the region.

The project approved by CRUSA is aimed at improving the productivity, competitiveness, innovation and internationalization of information and communication technology companies in the Northern Zone.

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