“Spiritual Well-Being”, Your Connection With The Superior Force Of Our Universe

    Be it as you personally conceive the “Higher Being”, it is important to stay aligned with it

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    Spirituality and religiosity have a positive impact on health so that higher levels of spiritual involvement are positively associated with indicators of greater general well-being and quality of life.

    Spirituality can be defined as the essence of a person, as a search for meaning and purpose in his/her life. Religiosity, one of the dimensions of spirituality, refers to how much an individual believes, follows and practices a specific religion or belief.

    Spiritual wellness is considered by many families as the center of their life, which facilitates or promotes the sharing, loving and compassionate of each member of the family. It is the sensation of a “force” that helps people transcend themselves, that accompanies them on a daily basis and helps them focus on what is considered sacred for each one of us.

    How to maintain spiritual well-being?

    A)Regular prayer.
    B)Regular fellowship with other believers: This helps us grow spiritually and maintain our foundations, whatever your religion or belief is. Acknowledging to depend on others, that we all need each other to help us maintain our emotional health. This can be done through union with other families or social groups in ministry and sharing responsibility. (If we serve others, they will want to serve us.)
    C)Accepting personal limitations: People often like to achieve more than they can control, this makes them very sensitive. Asking the Superior force to help us accept all that we cannot change.
    D)Learning to wait and knowing how to manage change: Few things in life remain stable. We constantly change our position, ministry, financial status, and friends. Ask the Superior force to help you cultivate what is stable in your life such as devotions, family meals, quality time, etc.
    E)Evaluate: Take time to evaluate your spiritual and practical purposes and priorities. To do this, attend retreats, sometimes alone, sometimes with other members of your ministry.

    How do you know that you are spiritually well?

    -We have an attitude of hope towards life.
    -Our home is lived as a sanctuary for each of us.
    -We enjoy interacting with our family.
    -We feel a strong connection to our ancestors.
    -We have a feeling of security about everything that happens around us.
    -There is a sense of peace around us.
    -We believe that love is a powerful force that holds us together.
    -It is easy for us to share our spiritual values and ideas with others.
    -Our personal religious beliefs are compatible and not antagonist with other’s.
    -We feel connected to nature and the world around us

    Finally we can say that, spiritual well-being is an essential element in people’s lives due to the meaning of eternity and hope. The feeling of an internal force that helps people to transcend themselves, that accompanies in the day and allows them to orient themselves towards what they consider sacred. Whoever has achieved spiritual well-being is very clear about the meaning of their existence.

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