When embarking on a trip to a foreign country, many questions go through our heads. That is why we have compiled in this article some useful recommendations you should know before visiting Costa Rica.

It is worth mentioning that tourism in Costa Rica has been increasing year after year and several assumptions have been created around it, such as vaccines, hotel reservations, travel insurance, appropriate clothing, among other aspects. While it is true that we will never be 100% ready for a trip, we are sure that with this information you will be well advised.

Book a hotel.

Before embarking on your trip to Costa Rica, we recommend that you previously have a hotel reservation, to find offers that suit your preferences and also better prices. If you wish to undertake your trip soon, we inform you that the high season has already begun and runs from January until April and prices generally increase during this time.

High demand may make it difficult for you to have some lodging options available. But do not worry because in the entire Costa Rican territory there are many options and of very good quality that adapts to your budget. Although some foreign visitors think Costa Rica is an expensive country, however comparing its prices with North American or European countries it is quite accessible.

Travel insurance.

One of the most demanded activities in Costa Rica is extreme adventure activities such as canopy, kayaking, and rafting, hiking, surfing, among others. These activities generally increase the risk of having an accident so we recommend that you purchase travel insurance.

It is worth mentioning that in Costa Rica the security measures are always taken in high regards concerning these types of (extreme) activities, it also has one of the best health services in Latin America, with qualified and certified doctors and health staff formed in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Should I get vaccines?

Before traveling to Costa Rica, we recommend you have applied the hepatitis A and B, rabies and tetanus vaccines up to date, especially during the rainy season when more mosquitoes abound. If you travel from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru or countries of the African continent, the yellow fever vaccine is required, with the last dose taken at least a week before your arrival in Costa Rica.

Driving in Costa Rica.

If you plan to rent a car in Costa Rica we recommend you do it with great caution and it is that in some places the roads are not paved which makes it a bit riskier if you are not accustomed. There are also many slopes, cliffs and in rural areas, many roads are only one lane in each direction.

In urban areas it is easier to drive, although some Ticos do not always abide by traffic signals, we suggest you be very aware and look both ways before crossing a corner. An important fact, you must purchase car insurance for damage to third parties, damage to the vehicle, and theft. Try not to leave valuables inside the car such as computers, briefcases, cameras or credit cards, passports.

Some travel distances are long!

Perhaps because it is a small country, people may think that the distances from a point “A” to a point “B” are close as seen on the map, but that cannot be further from reality. In Costa Rica, moving from one point to another can take longer than you think and this from what we already mentioned; many one-lane roads can generate a lot of traffic especially when encountering trucks on the road ahead.

Finally, the roads in Costa Rica are not straight because much of the territory is protected and many natural parks must be bypassed. So it does not always mean that a few kilometers equal a short time on the road.

Clothing to wear.

Most of the time, the weather in Costa Rica is tropical, that is why the clothes you should carry should be fresh, especially if you are going to travel to the coast, short pants, cool shirts, hats, sunglasses cannot be missing. In the same way, at night, we recommend you to wear long jeans and a coat since the temperature usually drops below 20 degrees.

Super important if you are going to travel to the areas of the volcanoes such as Irazú or Poas, or visit the Cerro de la Muerte or the Cerro Chirripó, you must wear warm clothes, since the temperatures are below 15 degrees.

Beware of mosquitoes!

Costa Rica, being a tropical country, mosquitoes are the order of the day. You must always have a good insect repellent with you. In addition to some ointment for bites just in case, because scratching a bite can make the situation much worse. There are many mosquito repellents on the market, however, we recommend having one that has at least 30% DEET as an active compound to be effective.

We hope that all these recommendations will be useful once you decide to prepare the visit, Costa Rica. Remember that here we will be waiting for you with a big smile in the ¡Pura Vida! Style.

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