Snakes and Lizards that a Man Tried to Smuggle Out of the Country through Liberia Airport are Seized

    Tico authorities on high alert in their fight to protect our wildlife

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    Airport Police call on passengers to avoid the extraction of species from their natural habitats. In this case, seven snakes and six lizards were found in the luggage of an American who intended to leave the country on April 27th at the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in Liberia, Guanacaste.

    The discovery and capture of the man surnamed Scott was carried out by officials of the Airport Police of the Air Surveillance Service (SVA), according to a statement given by the local chief, Otto Arrieta, to the press office of the Ministry of Public Security (MSP).

    For the extraction of the reptiles, it was necessary to activate a protocol that involved coordination with the Fire Department and the National Animal Health Service (Senasa). The traveler, for his part, was transferred and placed under the orders of the Liberia Prosecutor’s Office as a suspect of transferring wild animals.

    Refrain from this illegal practice is the call

    “We ask the general public and passengers who in one way or another go through our national airports to refrain from removing these species of wildlife from the environment, since the foregoing is counterproductive and they may threaten people who transport it,” the police declared. The spokesperson added that this type of conduct undermines the natural wealth of the country.

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