Show Your Best Summer Curves!

By Doing These Simple Exercises and Eating 5 Great Snacks

We are ready to give you an exercise plan that will show off excellent results in your figure. Follow these simple steps to reduce and reaffirm the body and soon you will be ready to hit the beach with the sexiest bikini you can find.

Sexy bikini for a perfect beach day

After spending months hibernating, covered with sweaters and pants, putting on some shorts can be intimidating. Well, let us show you a routine to give back shape in a short time to your abs and thighs. You have to do this routine three times a week, at the same time that you follow some diet tips to burn all the extra fat.

Inverted oblique lift

1) For a flat stomach start with the left leg extended to the right, flexing the right knee inwards and feet on tiptoe. Put your hands behind your head and contract your abs.

2) Raise the right leg by moving it slightly through your body, while you contract the abdomen and raise the upper body. Hold the position while you count to three and lower your back to the starting position. Do 30 repetitions, invert positions of the legs and repeat.

Alternate leg separation

1) Contract the abdomen and flex the left knee towards the chest, keep your fingers pointed.

2) Raise both legs forming a “V” and raise the torso more by directing the hands towards the toes. Do repetitions. Do 30 repetitions, invert your fingers and repeat the movements.

For more slender legs, contraction of the outside of the thigh

1) Lying on your right side, lift the body by leaning on the right elbow, with the left hand at the waist. The legs are flexed, with the left on top of the right and the fingers pointed. Bring the left knee to the chest.

2) Extend the right arm and the left leg at the same time. They should be parallel to the floor. Hold the position for a few seconds and return to the beginning. Do 30 repetitions, switch sides and repeat.

Interior crossing

1) Raise the body off the floor by supporting the hands behind you and extend the right leg to the side, with the fingers tapping and touching the floor.

2) Raise the right leg and cross it on the left. Hold the position for a few seconds until you feel the contraction on the inside of the thigh. Return the right leg to the floor. Repeat. Do 30 repetitions, switch sides and repeat.

Buttock and legs stretching

Diagonal buttock lift

1) Support your hands and knees, with your left leg extended to the side in a 45-degree angle and your fingers touching the floor.

2) Resting on the right forearm, raise the left leg slightly more than 90 degrees by flexing the elbow to feel that you constrict your left gluteus. Do 30 repetitions, switch sides and repeat.

For the lower and upper part of the back

1) Leaning on hands and knees, lift the left leg back parallel to the floor, with the foot flexed and the fingers pointing to the side.

2) Bend the left leg slightly higher than 90 degrees with the foot flexed.

3) Raise the left leg a little more than 90 degrees and turn it back parallel to the floor. Do 30 repetitions, switch sides and repeat.

Snacking without a guilty feeling

Certain foods make you feel satisfied and accelerate your metabolism so that you will consume fewer calories without being left feeling empty.

Flavored peanuts

Snack 28 grams (1 ounce) of peanuts equivalent to 160 calories

Sprinkle with a pinch of cayenne pepper to burn more calories. It will allow you to burn around 15 extra calories.

Sugar-free pudding

It is one of the best ways to consume your dose of chocolate. Thick fluids satisfy the appetite center of the brain more than say a cup of hot chocolate, which helps you consume fewer calories.

Homemade dip with carrot and celery sticks

Mix ¼ cup of unflavored low-fat yogurt and ½ teaspoon of dressing and dip in the carrot and celery sticks.

Carrot and celery sticks with Ranch dip


All watermelons have a high water content, which means that they occupy more space in the stomach, making you feel fuller. A cup of watermelon cubes has less than 50 calories.

Frozen banana slices

If you freeze bananas then cut into slices, their flavor changes. They are like thin slices of ice cream but without the calories or fat. Create your own flavors by sprinkling them with cinnamon or chocolate. Cinnamon helps regulate sugar levels, so your body will accumulate less fat.

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