Sedentary Lifestyle Due to Remote Work has Serious Consequences

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    Thousands of people have remote work days as part of their new normal, which could have direct implications on their health by not taking the necessary precautions.

    “Very long periods of sedentary lifestyle lead to the body not expending energy, which generates a general swelling and that the blood does not flow properly. As a consequence, certain organs such as the kidneys begin to deteriorate and send negative signals through different symptoms,” said Dr. Nancy Salazar, Essity’s Medical Coordinator.

    Sitting for a long time can lead to a series of health problems such as obesity, which can lead to metabolic syndrome. Active breaks, within working hours, should become a daily habit of any remote work professional.

    Among the main recommendations are:

    • Taking adequate time to attend to physiological needs

    Within working hours it is essential not to set aside time to go to the bathroom, in this way discomfort and ailments that could occur in the short or medium term are avoided.

    • Five-minute breaks

    This practice should be done every 2 hours to move joints and activate muscles, so that chronic diseases are avoided. Long working hours, without active breaks, tend to have serious repercussions on the kidneys.

    •  Keep moving

    Exercising daily, maintaining good posture when sitting, stretching, or walking while making calls are some recommendations to generate constant activation, avoid health problems and excessive stress.

    •  Drink water

    It is recommended to drink enough water to maintain the balance of body fluids, to help transport nutrients, regulate body temperature, lubricate joints and digest food. The organs require a lot of hydration along with physical activity, this to be able to oxygenate and let the blood flow correctly.

    Not implementing advice as simple as the previous ones could have a direct impact on the human being;

    Here are some examples by gender:


    • Biological aging

    This is due to a sedentary lifestyle and not doing physical activities regularly, so cells age faster.

    • Varicose veins

    This venous disease is more frequent in the female gender; however, it can be caused by genetic factors.


    • Prostate problems

    Low physical activity generates obesity and atherosclerosis, these circumstances will produce a decrease in blood flow to the pelvic organs that could explain the worsening of voiding symptoms.

    Likewise, eating a good diet, exercise plan and hydration are healthy practices that can prevent us from prolonged health problems during remote work time.

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