Scotland Produces Wind Energy to Power Country for Entire Day

On a particularly stormy day, where wind speed measured up to 115 mph, blowing across most of the land, Scotland’s wind turbines generated more energy than what was used by the country on that same day. This is the first time a country has achieved such a feat, and a huge milestone for renewable energy and the future of wind turbines.
The gale force winds helped to create energy, but they were just as responsible for decreasing the demand for it. Many events were canceled due to the weather, and several train lines shut down after trees fell onto the tracks.
Conservation group WWF Scotland found that the turbines were operating so well that they were creating 106% of the total energy by every business, or household in the country.
The group’s director Lang Banks voiced his excitement, “This major moment was made possible thanks, in part, to many years of political support, which means that across the year now, renewables contribute well over half of our electricity needs…However, if we want to ensure we reap the benefits of becoming a low-carbon economy we need to see this political support for renewables continue”.
“On the path to a fully renewable future, this certainly marks a significant milestone”, Mr. Banks continued, encouraging the Scottish Government to back the movement as much as possible. The government released a statement saying, “The Scottish Government is committed to supporting onshore wind, which is one of the most cost-effective low carbon energy technologies…abundant energy resources play a vital role in delivering security of electricity supply across the UK.”
The wind speeds were so strong on August 7th that a 17,000 tonne oil rig was disconnected from its mooring and drifted around until eventually beaching at The Isle of Lewis.
Wind turbines have become one of the most popular forms of green renewable energy since the early 2000’s.

SOURCEAidan McMorrow
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