San Jose CR nominated as new marvelThe Costa Rica News (TCRN) – From a total of 77 cities, including San Jose, seven cities will be chosen as new marvels.

This is the third global voting organized by New7Wonders, who created the space as a forum to discuss everything from planning and urban governance to tourism and architecture.

Of the 77 who were selected in a process that began in March of 2012 (beginning with 300 nominations), it will select 28 finalists, who will be presented on Monday, October 21st.

After a series of votes, the winners will be announced in July of next year.

In Latin America, Buenos Aires and Mendoza are in Argentina, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, La Paz in Bolivia, Santiago and Valparaiso in Chile, Bogota in Colombia, Havana in Cuba, Cuenca and Quito in Ecuador, Mexico City of Mexico, Asuncion of Paraguay, Cusco and Lima in Peru, San Juan of Puerto Rico, Montevideo in Uruguay and Caracas in Venezuela . There are cities in other continents as well.

For Bernard Weber, founder of New7Wonders, the diversity of candidates is “extremely challenging” and “reflects the energy and culture of the cities.”

He hopes that the contest will generate discussion about the challenges facing the various cities and how they are handling them.

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