Discover Why Americans Prefer To Vacation In Costa Rica

    A country that has it all for everyone

    Costa Rica is undoubtedly a country with great natural attractions that impact and where all who visit fall in love with all the wonders to marvel. However, there is a reference in recent years which indicates that North American travelers prefer it as a tourist destination for vacationing, learn why.

    Costa Rica is a green heart in central Latin America that hosts 3% of the world’s biodiversity in its territory. Also, it is an attractive place due to its two coasts – the Pacific and the Atlantic. Costa Rica is a place tailored to the needs of American tourists and this is stated by the data of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) where it is noted that almost one million American tourists have traveled to Costa Rica during 2019. Another fact that calls the attention is that approximately two hundred and fifty thousand European tourists have visited the country in the first quarter of this year alone.

    What do American tourists look for when traveling to Costa Rica?

    According to a survey of more than 460 travel agents during the Proimagen Seminars held in the main American cities of the East Coast (Washington, Philadelphia and Boston) and the West Coast (San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego), Americans who want to come to Costa Rica mainly looking for experiences in adventure tourism, pleasure travel and ecotourism.

    Adventure Tourists look for activities at sea such as surfing, underwater fishing, and diving. Also, they can enjoy other land activities such as hiking, nature walks through forests and jungles, cycling, kayaking, horseback riding, rafting, rappelling, canopy, among others.

    For pleasure travelers, Costa Rica not only offers relaxation and sun but also other authentic experiences during the vacation. You can enjoy cultural tourism and rural tourism, where you will know the idiosyncrasy and folklore of the Costa Rican people in a closer and more real way.

     As for ecotourism, according to the National Geographic magazine, the Osa Peninsula is the most intense place in biodiversity in the world. Other ideal destinations to carry out this activity are Tortuguero, Turrialba, Sarapiquí, and Monteverde. Currently, bird watching has been consolidated in Costa Rica, because in this country more than 900 species of birds can be observed, and its sighting coincides strategically with the months of the green (rain) season, according to Sergio Arias, Costa Rican ornithologist expert.

    Other types of specialized tourism available in Costa Rica are:

    Luxury tourism, where you will find a variety of hotels with international recognition that meet the highest standards.

    Gastronomic tourism.

    Romance tourism, we are a much sought after destination for honeymooners.

    Medical and Dental Tourism, that has become a very frequent activity on the part of Americans who visit Costa Rica and this is thanks to its low costs compared to their home country and also for maintaining the highest internationally recognized quality by part of medical practitioners and staff, in addition to implementing the latest state of the art equipment and laboratories.


    A tropical paradise that makes you exclaim “I love Costa Rica”, you can take your shoes off on the white sandy beaches, walk through the lush lowland jungle or mountain cloud forests, and enjoy volcanic hot springs. Rent a furnished two-bedroom house for only US $ 500 per month, buy an ocean view property for less than US $ 200,000, spend US $ 25 at the fair (farmer’s market), and return home with a one-week purchase for a couple, just to name a few of the perks from your visit! Undoubtedly Costa Rica is a country that has it all, fitting every need of tourists and making it the tropical paradise that has captivated American travelers.

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