Road between Tamarindo and Langosta beach will Have a Total Revamp

The route between Tamarindo and Playa Langosta, in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, will show a different aspect next year. This week the intervention works on the 2.5 kilometer route started.

The civil works include rehabilitation and improvement of drainage systems, construction of the cordon and pipe in the missing sections and the concrete slabs bearing carriageway.

In addition, for 450 meters of this route the concept of “complete street” will be applied. This includes the construction of pedestrian infrastructure such as sidewalks, ramps, and zebra-type crosswalks. In addition, it includes a segregated and shared bike lane, and the respective correctly defined car lanes. Public and cargo transport will also be taken into account. All these components are in accordance with Law 7600. This project was designed with the support of the German GIZ Cooperation and seeks to become a model for the development of road infrastructure in the country.

A new model

“Under the model of the Mobility Pyramid, these designs allow road actors to coexist in harmony, increase road safety and favor the efficient movement of all people on a fully inclusive road,” explained engineer Edgar May, general manager of the Executing and Coordination Unit.

In anticipation that the works can be expanded, two of the intersections will be elevated to the level of the sidewalk in order to motivate drivers to slow down and thus increase road safety for pedestrians.

The project is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2021. It is part of the 11 works that make up Package 2 of the Cantonal Road Network II Program, which is executed with funds from a loan with the Inter-American Development Bank.

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