Restriction on the Number of Passengers That Can Be Transported On Buses in Costa Rica Will Be Eliminated

    This way there will be greater mobility and fewer restrictions

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    The Government of Costa Rica endorsed the elimination of the restriction on the number of passengers that can be transported on buses. After the announcement of the Executive Power, up to 20 passengers may travel standing, however the amount will be indefinite as of January 1st, 2022.

    When the Covid-19 pandemic began, the operating scheme of the units had to be modified due to the existing risk because it was considered that the units became sources of contagion of the virus.

    Given the inability of the 1.8 meter distance suggested on buses, the Public Transport Council (CTP) adopted the policy of transporting passengers using the mask.


    Manuel Vega, executive director of the CTP, said that this change is due to the relaxation of the measures adopted because of the pandemic. “According to what the Ministry of Health indicates, which is what we directly attend to, we hope that there will be greater mobility, fewer restrictions, but I believe that the issue of the use of the mask will continue for a long time”.

    That is going to be maintained until the Ministry of Health tells us otherwise, but we are going into a process of greater mobility and that is good for businessmen and users,” he said.

    Asked about the possibility of implementing the QR code on each of the trips made on the buses, the entity attached to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport ruled it out. The idea is that as the vaccination process continues, the corresponding actions will be carried out for the benefit of those who use this means of transport.

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