Resonance Costa Rica: Leading the Way Towards a More Radical Human Transformation

    Revolutionizing the way we can stay ahead of disruption and thrive in more meaningful ways

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    German Carias
    I approach life as a continuous stream of opportunities for growth and learning through human interactions and personal exploration. In my quest for sharing a positive, dynamic, and nuanced perspective on world affairs, I became involved as an author for TCRN.In 2012 I was selected by Shell Oil as one of the top 25 global energy entrepreneurs.Involved in Blockchain Technology and Digital Currency since 2016.Passionate about transforming people’s lives through community CoLiving and CoWorking.

    Coronavirus, digital expansion, eco-sustainability and social disruption, all these disruptive factors would be enough to oblige people rethink how they achieve their goals. There has been an intense force pushing to undergo a reset to thrive under these new global circumstances. Resonance is leading the way and revolutionizing the way we can stay ahead of disruption and thrive in more meaningful ways. They have decided to put people at the heart of everything they do.

    Resonance Costa Rica

    Becoming “Radically human”

    A radical transformation challenges its core beliefs and assumptions, freeing itself to find new ways to move forward. It requires acting in bold and courageous ways that allow to risk failure to grow and learn.

    It comes through searching for greater meaning and purpose. People want to shape their own future and find ways to be creative, acting with care and compassion in community. Creating meaningful work, innovate to achieve great things aiming towards prosperity for all.


    These are the principles for the move toward radically human transformation:

    • Meaningful direction for lives and work.
    • Bold purpose and goals.
    • Disruptive, inclusive leaders.
    • Attaining new capabilities to fulfill purposes.
    • Radical innovation.
    • An agile mindset to be able to develop and maintain those new capabilities.
    • Ownership and license to act.
    • Agile, continuous transformation.

    This will take a journey with three dynamic phases: Imagine, Build and Transform. Think of it as a quest that will involve experimentation and discovery, as you create your new ways of working on your life journey.


    You must put in the hard work of considering how to reinvent yourself. This requires to challenge deeply held beliefs and rethink paradigms in order to expand. Identify goals, learn and grow, reimagine and redesign your mindset.


    Once you have set your sights on a new vision, you must accelerate change and experiment. Start by developing transformation muscle, building adaptability to enable continual transformation. Experimenting with new ways to accomplish tasks and rethinking processes. Developing both your mindset and capabilities, so as to inspire others in their own ecosystem around bold and purposeful movements.


    The fastest transformation is done so by working in two dimensions at once, making behavioral and structural changes concurrently. The behavioral dimension includes building deep mindset and skillset, that are key to deliver on your higher purpose. The structural dimension rewires systems and processes, including talent strategy, performance and rewards, to support others in new ways and radically stripping out negativity.

    First steps on the radical human journey

    You can take steps to become a radically human. Anyone can be a trailblazer on this front by acting in more radically human way or starting these tough conversations. Challenge yourself and those around you to answer a few questions:

    Are we being bold enough in our ambition and innovation and humble enough to learn from our failures?

    What would need to change to fully unleash the power of people? 

    What would being radically human mean for us?

    What beliefs are we going to need to overcome to change the way we go on with our lives?

    If not me, now, then who, when?

    To learn more about how becoming a radical human who delivers success for leading organizations and how to start your own transformational journey, and ready to take the next step toward transformation, please get in touch at:

    resonance, coworking Costa Rica
    At Resonance, we aspire to live in harmony with the natural world as a reflection of our gratitude for life. We are co-creating an inspired and integrative community, committed to working, living and learning together. We resonate with that deep longing to belong to the hive and the desire to live the highest version of ourselves in service.
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