During This Time of Crisis Remember To Support Our Hard Working Local Farmers

Farmers selecting the best cocoa grains in Upala, Costa Rica

Much has been said without really being taken into account the importance of the country’s agricultural production sector and especially, in times of this economic crisis that hit the world due to COVID-19.

During the normal flow of the Costa Rican economy, farmers sell to different sectors, for example, export, institutional and private sectors. But, after the blow to the markets by COVID-19, many farmers saw their markets “shrink”, creating a complicated situation, more than some already had.

It is that the crisis has forced farmers and producers to “risk it” in the best way, with home deliveries and payments by for example, “Simple Móvil”, all this to be able and deliver their products to the consumers, taking into account all the sanitary protocols.

Costa Rica is a country of varied and abundant agricultural production. In the face of this recent emergency, farmers fairs are kept open with strict measures, and supermarkets and other retailers are receiving products, but there is a high average of farmers who saw their markets suddenly close, making it very difficult for them to stay afloat in this crisis.

They are the farmers who distribute to schools, colleges, CEN CINAIS, hospitals, public institutions, police stations, among others, all of this under the Institutional Supply Program (PAI). Farmer organizations with an average of 10 small producers, who work with EPI are worried about how to push ahead under these new circumstances.

Nonetheless, the Ministry of Economy, states that there is enough food in the country for at least a year and this is thanks to the hard-working farmers who deserve that we continue to buy their quality, fresh and inexpensive products.

So from TCRN, we invite you, our dear readers, that you are in need of products such as vegetables, legumes, vegetables, eggs, cheese or fruits, do not hesitate to look for the nearest farmer and buy their nutritious products, so we can all help each other in this crisis.

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