Research Reveals Cost of International Education in the Americas for 2020

The International Schools Database helps local and expat parents choose the perfect international school for their children. The database allows parents to find, research and compare international schools in cities across five continents. Naturally, this means that a huge amount of information about international schools all over the world is gathered and analyzed.
Starting in 2019, this data helps evaluate the prices of international schools across the globe. For 2020 it has been expanded to include all the Americas. The very broad spectrum of international school prices in this region can at least partially be attributed to the difference in wealth and cost of living between the USA / Canada versus the rest of the Americas.
For example, San Francisco may have a more famous reputation as being an expensive city, but NYC is much more expensive when it comes to international schools. While the most expensive international school fees in San Francisco are $35k per year, in New York it’s much higher at $58k.
Median international school fees are much lower in Central and South America, ranging from just over $8k in Lima to just over $13k in São Paulo. In contrast, median international school prices in the USA range from just under $20k in Chicago to just under $40k in New York.
The costs of international schooling in Central and South America are relatively consistent. The median international school fees range from $8.2k to $13k per year.

Rank City Minimum Q1 Median Q3 Maximum
1 New York City $23,000 $33,523 $39,898 $46,850 $58,700
2 San Francisco Bay Area $12,632 $25,545 $29,025 $32,083 $34,980
3 Toronto $10,927 $14,875 $21,508 $25,304 $26,569
4 Chicago, Illinois $5,565 $12,081 $19,623 $31,538 $32,600
5 São Paulo $7,655 $9,686 $13,197 $17,284 $25,045
6 Panama City $2,799 $6,895 $11,289 $13,962 $16,083
7 San Jose $4,159 $9,477 $10,600 $11,015 $19,960
8 Lima $4,761 $6,568 $8,271 $11,555 $17,424

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