Tico Foundation Launches Credit to Finance Climate Actions in Agriculture and Livestock

Credits are designed to promote measures of sustainable development

Two new lines of credit from Fundecooperación for Sustainable Development, together with the Adapta2 + program, seek to promote the evolution of the agricultural and livestock sector in Costa Rica.

They are: Pro + Climate Livestock and Pro + Climate Agriculture. The first is to promote transformation actions in the livestock production sectors, implementing climate actions on farms that match their needs and geographic area.

In the case of Pro + Clima Agriculture, it is designed to promote development measures in the agricultural sector, through the implementation of climate actions that improve farm conditions and increase water availability.

“With these credits we seek to offer various benefits to the owners of micro and small enterprises in the agricultural sector, such as: 100% financing to implement new technologies adapted to climate change, differentiated guarantees and competitive interest rates with subsidies to the interest rate when applicable”, explained Andrea Matarrita, Credit Manager at Fundecooperación.

Cartago women used credits to adapt their farms to climate change
Sonia Gómez obtained a loan from these lines to install rain harvesting systems on her farm in Tierra Blanca de Cartago. As part of the project, canals were installed in a greenhouse that carry rainwater to storage tanks that allow water to be stored and distributed through a drip irrigation system.

Producer María Fernanda Masís grows varieties of Mexican chili peppers, tomatoes, and onions and garlic on her farm also located in Catago. She, along with her husband Miguel Ángel Torres, turned their farm into a model through this loan. Now it has a supplies laboratory; They restored fruit trees and perennials, as well as created conservation ditches and board to maintain soil moisture and prevent erosion.

Foundation finances from ¢ 500,000 to ¢ 15 million
The credits granted by Fundecooperación range from ¢ 500,000 to ¢ 15 million. “This line of loans will help promote technologies such as organic fertilizers, conservation agriculture, seed bank, windbreaker, mesh house, solar dehydrator, greenhouses, water reservoir, efficient irrigation, silvo-agricultural system, agricultural terraces and ditches on board”, Matarrita assured.

Those who wish to acquire one of these climate credits, can write to the email i[email protected]

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