Tico Authorities Informs Guidelines for Returning to In-person Classes Next Year

The use of the mask will be one of the strictest provisions

The Ministry of Public Education (MEP) reported that for the start of the 2021 school year, return to classes is expected to be staggered and focused on bimodal teaching. This means that some courses will be held in-person and others under virtual or distance mode.

For this, the educational entity already has the protocol that will be applied for students who will receive classes in person. This was announced by Melania Brenes Monge, Academic Vice Minister of the MEP.

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“It has to do with hand washing and the whole issue of cleaning at the entrance of the classrooms of educational centers, the use of a mask is one of the strictest provisions we are also working the way in which the the teacher has to interact with his group”, indicated Brenes.

“The location of the desks at the time of in-person activities will also be stipulated, there must be a distance of 1.8 meters between desks, thus classes will definitely have to be segmented into smaller groups. The entrance of people to the educational center will also be quite restricted, only the teachers, staff and students”, added the vice minister.

Strict protocol
According to Brenes, this protocol must be applied in all educational centers in the country. The MEP will apply changes in the teaching model, both for students who attend in-person activities and those who receive classes virtually.

“In terms of the organization between in-person and remote work, we have seen the need to design a combined technological mediation model that involves academic activities being developed with the possibility of attending the educational center for a few hours a week”, Brenes explained.

“And also that this is clearly linked to distance work that can be done from homes with the support of families and specifically following the pedagogical didactic design models that we have developed this year through work guides created by the teachers, the “autonomous work guides”, she concluded.

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