Report Shows Costa Rica is the Place to be in Central America for Radical Climate Change

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The rate of adaptation for climate change (called ND-Gain) developed by the University of Notre Dame, ranks Costa Rica as the best country in Central America to address these challenges. The country, which is in 69th place overall, outperforms other nearby nations such as Nicaragua (116), Panama (79) and Honduras (128).

    A total of 178 countries were analyzed and indexed to summarize their vulnerability to climate change and other global challenges, combined with a willingness to improve resilience.

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    Norway was at the top of the table for readiness, followed by New Zealand, Sweden and Finland. Costa Rica scored at 58.3, surpassing other countries like Botswana, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Turkey and Uruguay.

    In the vulnerability ranking, the country stands at position 65, in food supply was positioned at 87 and health is ranked at 82.

    “The health score captures the public health vulnerability of a country to climate change in terms of the spread of communicable diseases and the provision of health services. Indicators include: expected deaths induced by climate change (diarrhea and malnutrition) and other diseases,” the report explains.

    For water, one of the most important aspects of Costa Rica, the country is at 62.

    “Water indicators include: projected change in annual runoff, projected changes in annual groundwater, the rate of fresh water extraction, water dependency ratio, the capacity of dams, and access to safe drinking water,” says ND-Gain.

    According to the report, the final index score is composed of twenty vulnerability and preparation scores for each country, which are based on compiled indicators.

    At least it’s good to know that out of all of Central America, Costa Rica is the best place to be (for many reasons). (Crhoy)

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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