Remote Working Takes Hold In Costa Rica After Two Years of Pandemic

    Productivity, security, performance, applications and fast Internet connection are the main challenges that companies identify

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    The remote work or telework modality is consolidated in Costa Rica after two years from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic on national soil and as part of the measures promoted by the health authorities and the Government to stop its spread by reducing physical contact with other people.

    At least this was what the Cisco report revealed: Costa Rica Digital, where 90% of the companies consulted indicated that they had implemented and operated under a hybrid labor scheme, that is, that mixes in-person with virtuality.

    The results indicated that 60% of the companies in the country have more than 40% of their workforce working remotely. Likewise, 23% claimed to have between 80% and 100% of their collaborators in their homes, and more than 75% promote increasing the development of mobility.

    These data reflect the emergence of a hybrid work scheme in Costa Rica. This is consistent with the global trend identified by Cisco, in which 6 out of 10 employees in the world expect to work no more than 10 days a month in the office.

    However, this modality poses challenges for organizations in general and Costa Rica is no stranger to this. Aspects such as productivity, security, performance, applications and fast Internet connection are the main challenges identified by companies in the country to face this new reality.

    “We understand that the digital agenda is not always easy for companies to assimilate or adopt, which is why we have prepared this report with the intention of delving into the current situation and identifying the trends that national leaders see in their daily management, as well as the needs and priorities to carry out the transformations. The Report is an effort to conceive a comprehensive development of digitization in the country”, assured Luis Carlotti, Country Leader of Cisco in Costa Rica.

    This is the first survey of its kind carried out by the data network solutions company in the country and contains information from 89 technology leaders from public and private companies.

    Priorities for This Year

    The decision makers of the companies and public institutions consulted in the Cisco report: Costa Rica Digital mentioned the following trends as priorities to accelerate their digital transformation:

    • Cybersecurity
    • Collaboration
    • Adoption of cloud services
    • Hybrid Cloud Environments
    • Big Data Implementation

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