RECOPE Wants Costa Rica to Increase use of Natural Gas

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    Natural Gas Refinery (Archive Photo)
    Costa Rica’s state-owned gas and oil refiner RECOPE is looking for Costa Rica to increase natural gas usage as an energy source, a change requiring an investment of over $180 million.

    Many feel this is a wise choice as natural gas not only reduce hydro-carbon emissions but over the long term will less expensive.

    After Canadian consulting firms SNC-Lavalin and Enerchem Tek, released report called “Perspectives on the Potential Use of Natural Gas in Costa Rica”, RECOPE recommended the use of natural gas cleaner-burning fuel

    As a state run monopoly enterprise, RECOPE, the only organization able import and distribute fuel in Costa Rica, wants to become a bulk distributor of natural gas.

    RECOPE claims, that natural gas will bring Costa Rica tremendous economic and environmental benefits.

    The distribution plans for natural gas, RECOPE plans to build re-gasification terminal on the Caribbean region., which will include facilities for unloading, storage and pumps for transfer.
    RECOPE to invest $100 million in the first year, $25+ million in 2019 and $55+ million in 2026. RECOPE expects to be fully operation by 2015.

    The government of course is weighing in at this point and will study and discuss RECOPE’s plans and decide to move forward the project or not.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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