Reasons To Visit Costa Rica During The Rainy Season

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    Costa Rica is a country to visit in any season of the year. You may hear people saying ‘it’s better to go when there’s no rain’ or ‘No! It’s better to visit Costa Rica in the summertime’. Honestly, a season doesn’t take attractiveness and beauty away from Costa Rica, but it goes without saying that visiting the country during some seasons does have advantages.

    In Costa Rica, we have 2 seasons; one of which is wrongly called winter (the rainy season). It usually rains from May to December, months that belong to the low season. As for the real extension of the low season, we find that it extends until June and September, as August is a month when vacationers massively travel to CR. In July, there aren’t still many tourists vacationing but it can be considered as one of the low seasons months too.

    Today, some schools in Costa Rica have scheduled the school year to coincide with the American summer break. This measure was taken in order to receive more visits and boost profits from tourism a little more.

    The rainy season represents a good opportunity to enjoy Costa Rica. Let’s read why.

    Better prices

    During the rainy season, prices tend to plummet. This is absolutely perfect and money-saving considering you will be saving on hotels, accommodation, services, parking and much more. On top of that, you will enjoy the same places and resorts at a lower price and without so much hassle.

    Crowds won’t be a problem

    Yes, during the rainy season, people prefer not to travel for obvious reasons. Avoiding crowds is a synonym for having a good time, better customer attention, more relaxation, less noise, and also, you won’t need to ask to be assisted so long in the stores. Plus, going to the Costa Rican beaches during the rainy season is relaxing but be careful when the tide is high.

    Sunny mornings and rainy afternoons

    Though there may be certain variations, as not all the afternoons are rainy, this weather pattern permits visitors to schedule the activities over their stay. Failing this, visitors can go to a café or a restaurant for coffee or a snack while waiting for the rain to cease.

    It is best to go to the beach before 2 pm since it may be rainy in the morning also.

    More beautiful views

    Absolutely, when the rain merges with the forests, fog pops up giving the scenery another look. Most hotels in CR offer views to the Pacific and green areas. When the rain stops, the wet weather makes plants and trees look greener, which draws the attention of many visitors as animals can be observed in the wildlife easily.

    Cool weather

    Costa Rica’s weather is, for the most part, hot as it is located in the Caribbean. Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season allows visitors to experience a cooler weather, ideal for those vacationers unused to hot temperatures. It is possible to bask in the sun at the beach with a fair weather. On the plus side, there are people who avoid sunbathing because their skin is too sensitive, but going to the beach during this period of the year may save them that problem.

    Don’t forget to take the raincoat and waterproof boots with you all the time during the rainy season.

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