Lagarta Lodge, in the most touristic province of the country, Guanacaste (North Pacific)
The hotel offers 26 suites, a restaurant, a lounge, and two infinity pools, a Jacuzzi, a SPA, a yoga studio, a shop, an art gallery and a gazebo.

The opening of the Lagarta Lodge brought significant benefits to the area, as it generated approximately 45 direct jobs and many indirect jobs, including transportation, tours, and food.

The hotel is located on Cerro de Lagarta, in Nosara (Guanacaste), dividing the lush beaches Pelada and Nosara.

Allan Ortega, spokesman for Lagarta Lodge ensures that with the opening they offer the tourist an excellent choice of comfort, service, quality and experience. In addition, the opportunity to enjoy a majestic place such as Cerro Lagarta, in Boca de Nosara, with the comfort they deserve.

“The added value of the Lagarta Lodge is the combination of a magical place, with a spectacular view to which there is no access everywhere, the attention and service since it counts on a human team that works for the guest to be Take the best experience on your vacation, “said Ortega.

A space for national art and culture

For Nicole Tolle, co-owner of Lagarta Lodge and artist, having space where the national artist can show her work is very important, so within its facilities, I created the No-Sara Gallery, with the aim of giving a space to Costa Rican artists that with his work rescues the national culture.

The gallery will be inaugurated with an Exhibition of Contemporary Maleku Art that narrates the customs, history, and traditions of this indigenous community.
This art exhibition was developed by artists from the Maleku community.

Those interested in enjoying this exhibition can visit the gallery every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Entrance is free.

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