Professionals Will Need New Skills to Face the 4th Industrial Revolution

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    The world is submerging more and more in the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution, now accelerated by the COVID-19 Pandemic. What previously seemed like it would take years to arrive, today is already present in many industries from different sectors. Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Machine Learning are slowly conquering the new lifestyle.

    Currently, robots already play an important role in human day-to-day life. From devices capable of cleaning the home or office, to sophisticated robots that serve, guide and help customers in warehouses, supermarkets, hardware stores and stores around the world. And like this, there are plenty of examples of the replacement of machines for thousands of tasks commonly done by humans.

    Due to technological advances, the International Monetary Fund predicts that 75 million jobs would be lost by 2025. However, it suggests that this same technology will give life to more than 133 million new job roles, generating 58 million new jobs.

    “The great recruiters of the world consider that in the coming years many of the current skills and abilities will be obsolete in Industry 4.0, which forces professionals to develop a new profile to succeed in this new decade.

    Some of those skills and competencies required by professionals and students to succeed in the era of digital transformation are:

    a)Thinking skills: Such as critical thinking, cognitive flexibility, complex problem solving. The judgment and decision making.

    b)Intelligence skills: It has to do with all the skills of strategy, creativity, adaptation to change and social environment.

    c)Teamwork skills: Promotion of personalized communication, people development, 360 negotiation skills and service orientation.

    In addition, experts advise professionals to seek mentors who can guide them and provide valuable advice on their experience and learning. Also to dedicate time for reflection and developing critical thinking, building resilience and working on professional reputation.

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