On Friday Costa Rica’s president, Laura Chinchilla will attend the official celebrations of the Mayan era change in Guatemala, at the invitation of that country’s president, Otto Perez Molina.

Chinchilla will travel tomorrow to Guatemala with her family, and Friday will be at the archaeological site of Tikal, located at 515 kilometers from the capital, in the official celebrations for the start of a new b’aktun.

A b’aktun is a 5,125-year cycle set by the Mayan calendar, the heart of the Mayan Prophecy.

Chinchilla will travel only with her family and her personal assistant, because after celebrations in Tikal Travel they continue to enjoy their Christmas holidays.

According to the Mayan prophecy, this December 21, 2012 will end the current era, which began in 3114 BC. The Mayan phenomenon, which has motivated organizations and government Mayan celebrations in Central America and throughout the world predicts the end of civilization as we currently know it or a shift in consciousness into a more advanced era of thinking.

A Mayan era consists of 13 cycles, each named b’aktun, and concludes every 5125 years, according to the Mayan Long Count calendar. The peoples of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and South Mexico, share this history and many still follow the Mayan calandar.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica


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