Pope Francis Affirms that Costa Rica Has the Best Coffee in the World

Monsignor Garita Said that the Pope Thanked Him for Tasting such Top-Quality Coffee

Monsignor José Manuel Garita, on his visit to Rome for 2 weeks, said that today he met with Pope Francis and gave him a bag of coffee. He assured that the Pope thanked him for tasting such top-quality coffee. In addition, he told him that the Costa Rican coffee is the best in the world.

Garita is in Rome since August 19th, 2019, where he made a fraternal exchange with other 5-year-ordained bishops. Also, he performed the spiritual exercises intended for 5-year-ordained bishops.

Last Sunday, he had a meeting and lunch with Pope Francisco at Casa Santa Marta. “After traveling from Camaldoli, where we had the Spiritual Exercises, we met at 11:30 am with Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops.

At 12:00 pm, the Holy Father arrived and we had a meeting for almost 1 hour at “Casa Santa Marta”. Some bishops commented on the experience we had. We thanked him, because we are very edified and happy.

Monsignor Garita with Pope Francis

The Pope reminded us that the essential mission of the Church is to evangelize and asked us to have a true missionary spirit and avoid the spiritual worldliness that installs and blocks. He asks us to go on departure.

The Holy Father spoke that we must be close to God, to the priests and close to the people of God. He also insisted on avoiding clericalism that generates distance and distance”.

About the Attacks on the Catholic Church

“A particular issue that he touched on is what we must do in the face of the attacks suffered by the Catholic Church: he asked us for an attitude of prayer, silence, and testimony, which is the attitude with which we must respond. The Holy Father stressed the fact of the bishop’s prayer and the Ministry of the Word that he must perform.

I gave the Pope a bag of coffee and some coffee candy. He told me that Costa Rican coffee is the best in the world and that he likes tasting it. He thanked me for that gesture. This has been a refreshing, enriching and profound experience at the spiritual and pastoral level that we have lived by the grace of God”, Monsignor wrote today on his Facebook account.

SOURCEAdmin. La Región CR
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