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    Pope Francis Greets Costa Rica for the Virgin of the Angels Enthronement

    As reported on the Costa Rican Catholic Church (CELAM) website, the Holy Father has sent a message to the people of Costa Rica due...
    Pope Francis Supports Legalizing Same-sex Unions

    Pope Francis Supports Legalizing Same-sex Unions

    Pope Francis pointed out in the documentary “Francesco”, which debuted at the Rome Film Festival on the past Wednesday, that he supports civil unions between people of the same sex

    Pope Francis Affirms that Costa Rica Has the Best Coffee in the World

    Monsignor José Manuel Garita, on his visit to Rome for 2 weeks, said that today he met with Pope Francis and gave him a...

    Papa Francisco Calls Out Feuding Costa Rica and Nicaragua: The Full Story

    Pope Francis expressed his concerns for the two Central American countries last Sunday, but where’s the true root of their problem? In a call for...

    Highlights from the Pope’s Address to the U.S. Congress

    Pope Francis’s visit to the U.S. has been causing quite a stir. Read some key points from his address here at TCRN. Pope Francis began...

    Highlights from the Pope’s Apology to Indigenous Peoples of Latin America

    Many grave sins were committed against the native peoples of America in the name of God…I humbly ask forgiveness, not only for the offenses...
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