Plogging, the New Fitness Trend that Takes Care of the Environment

    Do excercise while at the same time save the Planet

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    Plogging is derived from the Swedish term “ploka”, which means to pick up trash while jogging. This idea was born in 2016 in Sweden thanks to the environmental activist Erick Ahlsthöm who once went for a run in Stockholm and was so annoyed by all the garbage he saw on his way that he launched this initiative under the slogan: “Become an environmental hero!”

    Ploggin offers multiple advantages for those who practice it or are interested in doing it:

    Social aspect: Allows you to meet people with interests equal to yours. Costa Rica is a country with many people aware of the importance of caring for the environment, at the same time many of these people are sports lovers, both ideal requirements to practice plogging together.

    Do Something Good: In addition to training, you are also helping the planet to be a better place for you and future generations. In short, you are doing a very good cause.

    Clean environment: Imagine running through a cleaner place and enjoying a more beautiful landscape. Sounds great right!

    Train the whole body: While in normal jogging the work is generally focused on the legs, in plogging many more muscles are activated, because to collect bottles, cigarette butts, packaging, papers and other things, you have to activate other muscles such as biceps, abdomen, shoulders, back and erectors spinae among others.

    Environmental awareness: day by day from our car or public transport it is difficult to become aware of the dirt on our streets, cities, beaches, parks and mountains. When plogging is practiced, the vision is completely different because the vision is greater and more detailed and this is how we can become more aware of the need to take care of our environment and put a grain of sand about it.

    Plogging groups have formed in many parts of the world. From Europe to America its popularity has increased, and with it the awareness and commitment to carry it out. For example, on Instagram you can find photos with the hashtag #plogging or #plogga

    Let’s do it!

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