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    Moving is something that takes you by surprise. All of your life, you live with your parents in one house, where you share a room with your brother, and now it is time to think about planning a house move to a common apartment with your girlfriend.

    You have met the right person, and it is high time to build your life, look for work and, importantly, your own home where you can rest, drink, feel relaxed, love each other and just live your life without supervision from relatives. However, before you move to the cherished independence, you need to think about a moving plan, otherwise, you will experience all the joys of spontaneous moving and living in an empty apartment. So, how to plan a move?

    Reciprocal love is key when preparing things to move into a new house.
    Happy couple between boxes

    Choose the right time

    If you put off planning moving, then it may not happen at all, but this does not mean that you need to leave everything, take the essentials and run to the door of your new house. This is the most common mistake of young couples who decide spontaneously to move in together. And then they find themselves in an empty apartment where there is no any household appliances, Internet, and warm clothes.

    That is why winter is not the best time to move. In the winter, you are unlikely to do a renovation, or do some drastic changes, in the summer, it is easier. In addition, it is best to start preparing in advance, even if you want to move in a day. If you do everything in a hurry, then you will certainly forget some important things that will later be owned by your younger brother. How to plan to move effectively?

    Preparation of things

    Let’s do the opposite. Take all your things that you have saved up for life, and divide into 3 parts: “true junk”, “memorabilia, but junk,” and “things that you will use”. At the same time, you should start with “true junk” because there is no place for it in your new life with your sweetheart.  However, if you have tons of it and you are not sure whether you can do this your own, then the best alternative in these cases for you is a dumpster rental to help you get rid of everything you no longer need. 

    Saving objects in boxes is safer.
    Objects in boxes

    Put everything that is broken, spoiled and incomprehensible into garbage bags. Things that you will not wear, for example, leave in a box or a bag near the dumpster. The point is to completely rid yourself of the chance to clutter up your new common housing space.

    Some useful things

    These are the ones that you use, put on, holding in your hands at least a couple of times a month. All the necessary things should be listed, sorted and carried out into a table that can be printed and kept with you. You will need it when the time comes for purchases, including a couple of kitchen knives, cutlery, a couple of cups, all sorts of blankets and things without which it is hard to live nowadays.

    Look at the table of “useful things” and buy other necessary things in addition

    Look at the table where there are indicated all the things that you will take with you to a new place and buy something that is missing. For example, an electric kettle is needed in an apartment. Also, you need to buy cleaning products, a broom and a scoop, a trash can and the things for washing. You should have things for everyday life at the time of arrival.

    Transport all things at once

    Indicate the contents of each box on top of, wrap the breakable objects into bubble wrap and leave nothing for another pass. Your task is to transport all your personal property at a time. Therefore, a friend’s car is not very suitable in this case.

    It is important to transport all things at once.
    Family moving to truck at once

    Keep your promises

    Look at the people you leave: family or roommates, neighbors. Did you owe somebody? If so, then return the favor. Say whatever you want to say. Keep the promise. Does everything you need in order not to regret it in 10 years because then you will not have a chance to set the clock back. Remember that when people start a new life, they should leave the past in the past.


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