Pineapples: They Are Not Only For Diet!

The Best Kept Secrets of Pineapples

The Pineapple (Ananas sativus), after the orange is the most pleasant fruit, with a delicious aroma, for many botanists it is the best known fruit. The ananas is native to tropical Brazil and Paraguay; belonging to the Bromeliáceas family.

Medicinal use

The Pineapple has several applications in natural medicine. It is a source of chemical elements necessary to the life and health of the human organism.

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This fruit will be used with great advantages in typhoid and other tropical diseases, as a refresher to the body, and especially as a germ killer and eliminator of toxins, for these cases it will be administered by tablespoons every ten minutes.

Also the pineapple is of great benefit for acidosis, because the blood that is in normal state, must always be in a slightly alkaline reaction, and there are several foods that help to preserve this adequate reaction; among these the pineapple is one of the most convenient. Thus this fruit, as part of a regular diet, is a benefit against acidosis and an excellent tonic.

It also has a high percentage of cellulose, superior to many other fruits; this means that it is an excellent liquid volume regulator for the intestines, useful for helping to prevent or cure constipation, this means it is the most benign and mild natural laxative in the world.

Those who suffer from gastric and intestinal disorders, especially the colon, should take a certain amount of pineapple juice daily, and better still if mixed with papaya juice, in this way this type of patients prolongs and betters their lives.

No medication that human continually produce artificially, can equal a daily serving of tasty fresh pineapple to maintain in natural conditions all the organism. Also, the pineapple gives good results in the treatment of nervous asthma, for this, simply take a certain portion of pineapple juice every day.

Women who suffer from lack of menstruation due to poor functioning of the ovaries will do well in using this aromatic fruit daily until its regularization. People suffering from diseases of the bladder, prostate, urethra and kidney stones and gallbladder, the pineapple will be of great benefit. Diabetics can also use it but in moderation. We have seen that pineapple contains iodine, this element is the specific and physiological stimulant of the thyroid glands; and to combat any endocrine deficiency of this organ, pineapple juice should be taken.

The juice of the pineapple that has not reached its maturity, is a good diuretic and vermifuge. But also a slice of ripe pineapple eaten alone serves this same purpose.

Also, the affections of the liver, especially inflammation and jaundice, go away thanks to the action of this fruit. For its content in vitamins, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and important mineral elements, it is a general tonic and a magnificent purifier of the organism; so it is used in brain weakness, neurasthenia, amnesia, hypochondria, nervousness, etc.

Aliments of the Throat

Pineapple juice has the power to quickly dissolve the false membranes that form in the throat during diphtheria. The indications that must be followed to treat this disease are the following: the pineapple must be cut into pieces and well ground in a mortar; the juice must be squeezed and placed in a container perfectly washed with boiling water. You should proceed to gargle with this content. Gradually, the membranes that surround the throat will dissolve.

There have been cases in which fresh pineapple juice has been given to 6-month-old babies as a supplement to breast milk, with excellent results in throat conditions. For many years singers have believed that pineapples are of great value in the prevention of infections of the larynx, pharynx, mouth, as well as a good remedy for bad throat, you should eat as much as you can. The effect is wonderful.

Concentrated pineapple juice serves to cure bronchitis, in a radical way, as well as affections of the respiratory tract. In all throat diseases, only fresh juice will be used, which can be obtained from a pineapple of an ordinary size. Also in the treatment of these diseases, particularly in canker sores, it can advantageously be used, in the form of gargles or rinsing.

As an external use, it serves against dog bites and snake bites, for these cases, a slice will be applied on the affected part or also in the form of a poultice; the healing will be almost instantaneous. The pineapple in slices and with vinegar applied on the stomach of patients with fever, particularly with typhoid, will give good results.

A stem of pineapple, sprinkled with mustard and applied to the forehead, is effective in dissipating head neuralgias.

Coating of the skin

The cooking of the pineapple peel and its liquid is taken in a cup, a few hours before meals, is a good substitute for water during hot days.

The husks with grass and roasted barley, also in cooking, are magnificent as depurative of the blood and to cure all kinds of inflammations; in these cases, you will drink regular amounts every day.


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