Over 100 Americans Charged for Illegal Gambling and Sports Betting Originating from Costa Rica

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Judicial authorities in New York, Kansas City, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago and Arizona currently have accused 117 Americans who developed sports betting business from centers operating from Costa Rica.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States (FBI) identified five organizations as those more recently were charged in different parts of the United States.

    The vast majority of these groups have operations in the United States but the servers and staff “call center” found in Costa Rica and Panama.

    The Justice Department of the United States made charges against 34 people and 23 companies linked to online sports betting operator Legendz Sports (also known as Legends Sports).

    A search reveals there are five open charges, according to the public website of the Department of Justice of the United States and the FBI.

    The company registered in Costa Rica Nationwide Sports Betting Ring was under investigation in the United States since October 25, 2012. In this case there are 25 defendants on charges of promoting gambling, money laundering and conspiracy.

    Another case is the were 20 people were charged for the same crimes. Elite Sports, Phoenix International Gortation Telesport and Management are also investigated in the United States and currently registered in Costa Rica.

    The operations of the latter three companies remain under investigation to 38 Americans. Based on a report by CRHoy

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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