Orange and Its Many Benefits to Our Overall Health

One of the Most Beneficial Fruits On the Planet

It is the fruit of the sweet orange tree that belongs to the genus Citrus of the family of the Rutaceas, and within this fruit family there are more than 1,600 species. Orange is the most cultivated of all citrus, being one of the most important in its kind, providing many benefits for our health.

Likewise, thanks to its pleasant flavor and its refreshing properties, it constitutes one of the main table fruits, and very popular being consumed by the entire world population.

How does this fruit contribute to our health?

The orange and its juice are an excellent source of vitamin C, flavonoids and beta-carotene, so this fruit is considered especially interesting for cardiovascular health. Among the contributions that benefit us is strengthening the body’s defenses during pregnancy and lactation because of its high content of folic acid, for sport practice because its full of minerals like potassium and vitamin c, helping to minimize the risks of injuries, also for patients with cancer, AIDS, infectious diseases and chronic inflammatory diseases, like rheumatism. It is recommended the consumption of oranges for all age groups in the population.

The juice mixed with water, baking soda and sugars can perfectly perform the functions of rehydration drink during strenuous physical activity in which the losses of glucose, water, and electrolytes are very high.

What else are oranges used for?

If you are stressed, the orange is ideal to calm the organism in moments of crisis. For this, it is recommended to prepare an infusion with orange leaves in a cup of hot water.

It also serves for purifying the urinary system, attacking problems of the bladder and the prostate, drinking orange juice during the day will help to stimulate its functions, will fight off infections and will soothe the affected areas.

It is recommended for people who persistently suffer from tonsillitis, experts recommend that to combat this problem, it should be taken on an empty stomach, a glass of orange juice liquefied with 3 crystals of “aloe vera”.

Due to its low content of carbohydrates, and thanks to its purifying properties, orange helps fight obesity.

Orange help lower high fevers because orange juice with its high content of vitamin C mentioned above, eliminates toxins and calms the fever and at the same time nourishes the body.

It should be noted that the properties citrus benefits do who want to keep radiant, this powerful fruit diminishes wrinkles, keeping skin hydrated, activates circulation and prevents the early appearance of aging. It is recommended to place the pulp of the orange as a compress for 15 minutes on the face, and you will see these wonderful results.

At the gastronomic level, this fruit is used for many recipes in the kitchen; you can drink its juice, add to different dishes and is used in many ways to give a special touch to meals at a gourmet level.

For cleaning addicts, this citrus fruit is amazing, since the way in which oranges helps you clean and disinfect spaces in the home is incredible. For this you have to put in a jar several orange peels, water, and a little vinegar, and it will be ready to use, you can put it in a spray and use it to clean appliances, cabinets, stained glass, and in general all spaces that you want to clean since it will look as good as new.

Also, the pleasant smell of this fruit as we mentioned before is ideal to remove bad odor in shoes, for this place several orange peels in the shoes and let it active during the night.

This fruit is wonderful for people with dry hair, simply soak the orange peels in apple cider vinegar, then apply it to the hair and rinse it, this will give you amazing results, as it helps the regeneration of your scalp.

Finally, we again emphasize that oranges due to their properties help to get rid of toxins from our body. It is magnificent for the heart. It helps combat different diseases; it is incredible for the restoration of the hair, helps with obesity and all the affections that we named previously. For all these reasons you must take into account that the consumption of this citrus fruit can help your organism in a broad spectrum of ways contributing greatly to a healthier lifestyle.

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SOURCEBarbara Paredes
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