Using Cybernetics for A More Holistic Understanding of “Reality”

    A Way for Studying the New Paradigms About “Life”

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    Optimization is a way of measuring the values of living entities from the biological perspective. The investigation of the “future” has to be seen as the optimization of the entire knowledge process, which is going to be acquired as we manage to understand that “reality” is the product of the chain of multiple factors that take part organized and in the form of a circuit to define an event.

    The idea is to make explicit everything that cannot be consciously explained.

    Cybernetics is taken as a starting point to process all information that has to do with the biological human (in fact it is already doing) and what moderately man is in mental conditions to produce. In addition to introducing the human researcher to the circuit which the scientist is studying. It is understood that the researcher is one more piece that completes the research circuit. The scientist is interconnected as one more piece of the project under study.

    Today the theories that still have validity with a mechanistic sense are clearly insufficient to define the avalanche of problems in which science is involved, especially when that type of research is fully identified with the social sciences, such as anthropology, history, sociology, psychology etc.

    The very fact of the researcher’s position before the necessity of his intervention as a circuit of the process causes his affectivity and analogy to interfere in the study, creating the potential possibility of leaving it out of the investigation. All this protocol should lead us to think that the change of the mechanistic paradigm when taking as a reference point of research in the holistic science of tomorrow, has no other objective but to explain each factor that intervenes in a biological event or phenomenon- psychic, in such a way that the totality is understood as the sum of those entities or factors studied.

    Once the phenomenon is understood as a whole, the event itself will produce a better orientation of ourselves within the cosmos. This would give rise to consider the context where we live and from there can contribute the idea of a better appreciation of nature, demonstrating its beauty, as was the goal of many scholars in ancient times to create ideas about the harmony of the planet, as a single natural goal.

    The twisted way of thinking of today’s man to feel master and lord of the cosmos and consequently of nature is producing empty and incomprehensive glances when talking about holistic science as the next paradigm to recreate new designs to look at life in a different way. But we know that to achieve how life is explained, and that explanation, the common man has a very clear notion of each factor that intervenes in their existence to understand it. I would then have to make that knowledge a tacit knowledge, that is, even when that quiet knowledge is supposed to be.

    So far, social science is sketched with methods not very precise in terms of their records, because there are no techniques to measure and diagnose an attitude, for example, or a smile before an event, you only have the idea of a “tone” of the behavior that is perceived at a given moment. With the holistic method is considered the study of each factor approaching more and more to the ideal, to what is pursued.

    Now, one of the supports that our holistic method has is cybernetics, as a science that deals with the behavior of machines. Or putting it another way, the science responsible for the study of the relationship between man and machine.

    In that sense, a machine is a circuit that has a system as a background. Therefore, cybernetics is the study of systems. How these complex systems affect and adapt to the external environment. It focuses on control and communication functions, both as external and internal phenomena of the system. This capacity for control and external-internal communication that has each living organism, which is imitated in machines and organizations. Therefore we speak at the beginning, of measuring the values of the living entities from the biological perspective.

    Now, the ability of humans to really understand the holistic science approach as a method of prevention, with the function of achieving the totality as an end in itself. We find ourselves with the desire to achieve the totality present in our culture. However, this desire has been longed for by humanity throughout history. In this sense, the “holistic” is as old as humanity itself. In spite of everything, its study is a human product that, due to a series of causes, re-emerges with force.

    As we have anticipated, the epistemology or volume of holistic knowledge is presented as the most appropriate to formulate a very practical model with its theoretical basis, which would help mankind to solve existential ecological problems, by the inclusive level of all the factors that intervene in the formation of both natural and social phenomena.

    Ecology as a science measures the interrelation existing in the different natural systems that welcome human existence. Life is inter-relationally because everything is related to everything. For this reason, social ecology is where social man and the ecosystem are studied, plus all the elements that converge in that sense.

    In any case, as long as there is no awareness of the “real” at the collective level, with a profoundly ecological support, one cannot speak of a condition adapted from man to the natural circumstances of the environment that surrounds him. We are like guests of nature. And to understand it in all its magnitude, we need to consider the ethics with which we treat our attitudes, with the objective of continuing our existence causing the same damage to the environment.

    We cannot continue with the belief product of secular humanism, from the Renaissance, which indicated that individuality was fundamental as an achievement and dominion over nature. This position is not scientific and less human as a thesis. We must be aware of not following the less indicated path that humanity has to try to achieve the impossible as is happiness.

    The pursued happiness at the expense of the sacrifice of the most elementary as is the “natural”, and losing this is like a human suicide. In nature for our punishment, one gets nothing for nothing. The problem is that Western society has become a multitude of individuals whose goal is to consume.

    The idea is clearly not to separate man from nature, because perhaps this is impossible, that is, with the creation of giant bubbles the size of a city, to place humanity by the thousands so that it lives cloistered within those human containers; no, it is not to separate, but to create the idea of the responsibility that it has before the need for man to assume the concern as the leader of his own cause: his existence and that of the rest of nature.

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