Nicaragua Asks Costa Rica to Withdraw the Arrest Warrant Against Pastora

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    • The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Nicaragua  demanded a withdraw of the Costa Rican arrest warrant issued to the International Police (Interpol) against Eden Pastora, the legendary “Comandante Cero”, a gesture that the Nicaraguan authorities described as “bad faith and provocation.”

    Pastora, delegate from Nicaragua who conducted dredging in the San Juan River border, is required to report to Costa Rican courts and Interpol on charges of violation of the Forest Act and encroachment on public property.

    The Nicaraguan Foreign Minister, Samuel Santos, in a note to his Costa Rican counterpart, Enrique Castillo, demanded that the Government of Costa Rica repeal the notice against Pastora.

    Santos also drew attention to the country “to refrain from further acts that may aggravate or extend the dispute” that keeps the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for the sovereignty of a wetland in the Caribbean, “or make it more difficult to solve.”

    “The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity deplores this act of evident bad faith and provocation from Costa Rica,” said the head of the Nicaraguan diplomacy in the letter.

    According to Santos, the arrest warrant issued by Interpol at the request of the Costa Rican government is also a breach of the ordinances of the ICJ that force Costa Rica to refrain from actions that aggravate the dispute.

    “The case has not yet finished, so is the principal priority of the United Nations is to decide on the sovereignty of that territory, prior to which, Costa Rica can not be attributed powers on it or refer legal consequences,” he said.

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