The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The technology firm Beetrina created by a group of young entrepreneurs, hopes to publicly release a web platform that will allow shoppers to purchase products from established companies.

Cachos Group, La Gloria, Offcors, Gala Boutique and other businesses such as veterinary and laundries are currently partnered with Beetrina.

Min Sheng, the website coordinator, said the goal is to start trading with about 120 shops.

These companies will be charged between $80 and $150 monthly for basic virtual store rent (platform, delivery logistics, etc.) and up to $ 1,500 when you include broader services such as digital marketing.

Although Sheng says that this is a business that needs to expand in Central America, previous experiences with e-commerce in the country are not a good incentive. and are examples of similar initiatives have failed in the past.

“A virtual store represents the same responsibility as a physical one. The companies did not understand and left spaces for free, they did not answered quickly offers to customers, “said Jeffrey Chaves, spokesman for Creative Development, on the reasons for previous failures.

He also believes that they were not using smart pricing tactics, as offering products at prices sometimes higher than in their physical locations, which makes no sense if the company is saving by using a virtual store, as opposed to a physical location which requires fixed costs such as telephone, electricity and rent among others.

Juan Carlos Sanchez, journalist and technology consultant, believes these projects have not worked in large part by a lack of the Ticos in Internet shopping.

What will Beetrina do differently to achieve success? One of their policies is to attract qualified small companies that offer only new products with a minimum of inventory.

“We will not only display the pages as others. You will only need to upload your pictures, set prices and start selling,” says Min Sheng.

Although unlike Amazon, Beetrina will not require fees on credit cards.  The company is committed to attracting medium and small business to deliver “turnkey” solution for their online store.

Deliveries will be made via Correos de Costa Rica and Messaging Presto and will take less than 48 hours to reach its destination, the company confirmed.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose Costa Rica


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