New stomach cancer clinic opens in Costa Rica

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    by TCRN Staff

    A Costa Rican clinic was recently declared as a Gastroclínica International Training Center in Gastroenterology by the World Organization of Gastroenterology.

    This means that professionals in health sciences from other countries can come to Costa Rica to train in new techniques for early detection and treatment of gastric cancer and other digestive diseases.

    This medical center will also conduct research on the behavior of cancer in Costa Rica. Data will be obtained from the patients’ medical progress during their illness.

    “The emphasis of Gastroclínica within the World Gastroenterology Organization is early treatment actions. Enabling doctors to detect precancerous lesions that may be and that eventually may evolve into cancer in about 15 or 20 years. This is accomplished by new methods of gastroscopy using spectral imaging to see the lesions and characterize them,” said Herbert Burgos, director of Gastroclínica.

    Costa Rica is the fourteenth country in the world with an International Center for Training in Gastroenterology. In Latin America there are others of this kind in Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina.

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