New Protocols for Students Returning to In-person classes in Costa Rica

    Guaranteeing a safe return to school for all

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    Starting next February 8th, students from all over the country will combine In-person classes with virtual mode to receive their educational lessons. Due to the national COVID-19 emergency, the conditions will be different in order to allow the development of the educational services in-person. This without implying a risk of contagion. Hence, the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) established a series of guidelines with at least 20 protocols, some of them related directly to students. The documents establish the measures that will govern both educational centers, teaching and administrative staff, as well as students.

    10 activities that Tico students won’t be able to do

    According to the protocols, these are some relevant points about what students will not be able to do during the in-person courses while the national COVID-19 emergency continues:

    1)They will not be able to enter the educational center if they have symptoms related to COVID-19.
    2)Information brochures, toys, food, or any object or material that are not necessary should not enter the educational establishment.
    3)The entry of students over 6 years of age without a mask is prohibited.
    4)Those who travel in school transport must wear a mask at all times from 3 years of age onwards.
    5)Masks should not be exchanged between students and officials.
    6)It is forbidden to enter and leave the educational center in tumult; that is, crowding should be avoided.
    7)Hands should be washed with soap, water and the use of alcohol gel when entering the facilities.
    8)Contact games are prohibited at recess and PE classes.
    9)The use of dressing rooms during the Pandemic is prohibited. To receive Physical Education classes they must wear the uniform from home.
    10)Any student who has symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 should be reported immediately to their family. This is for a relative to pick up the child at the educational center and take him to a medical center.

    Information campaign

    In addition to the information provided by the media, the MEP seeks to publicize aspects of the protocols through a campaign. The Ministry aims to sensitize the educational community about the importance of applying the protocols for a safe return, indicated Guiselle Cruz, Education Minister.

    This will be possible through audiovisual and printed materials, which will have information to be implemented in the educational centers. The campaign started this past Friday before and will run until April 8th.

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