Is 2021 a Year for You to Create an Online Business?

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    If you have a business plan, and identified market, and how to cover costs, it may well be the year to begin an online startup. To create an online venture, you must establish key questions and give answers such as Am I going to sell something that I know well? Is my product or service self-made or do I need suppliers? What type of payment methods will I accept? Do I already have the name, domain, and hosting for online marketing?

    Also, to write a business plan, identify the market, determine costs, establish a budget, name the company and register it, it is important to understand that although e-commerce does not require as much investment as a physical store, it does require resources to acquire the necessary technology to be able to carry out an online venture: Catalogs, inventories, a website, billing, communication, and marketing through social networks, email, WhatsApp and telephone calls among others.

    Also, establish strategic relationships to start the business, this includes banking entities or payment facilitators, web services companies, photographers, graphic designers, and all those linked to the logistics chain, from storage to final delivery to the client.

    Keeping focus

    The site as well as the linked social networks, have to be focused on what is going to be sold, this means that the advantages, characteristics, price, stocks, and other necessary data are effectively displayed, responding to the nature of the service or product.

    Besides, offering a space that is not overwhelming for the client, that offers the necessary information without being tedious, showing both in photos and in related texts information and characteristics of the specific product, in a concise and friendly way for the potential consumer.

    Selection of social networks

    It must be analyzed which is the ideal network to offer the product of the online entrepreneurship on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Messenger.

    You must create a secure website that transmits security to customers as to how their information is treated, take advantage of the tools offered by Google such as Google My Business, have a business email with a username that reflects the seriousness of the business, an exclusive fixed telephone number as well as a mobile telephone number through which inquiries can be made using platforms such as WhatsApp.

    At least one person must be dedicated to customer service, that this person has easy access to business information and is also assertive when communicating, as this will increase the chances of making the sale and that the customer is satisfied and want to keep in touch.

    As well as developing protocols for care, crisis management, logistics, payments, deliveries. The response may vary depending on the size of the business, but an immediate and standard response is recommended, indicating to the customer that they will be contacted soon.

    Also, you must have certain considerations such as maintaining the communication channels of the teams with updated protection tools such as “firewall”, antivirus and other options that prevent improper connections and access to our data and resources.

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    Discover “Isla Rosada” at Nosara…An Adventure Come True

    Discover “Isla Rosada” at Nosara…An Adventure Come True Nosara is one of the best surfing destinations in the world
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