New Moon Ritual to Start Projects With Good Energy

    The New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycles

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    The New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycles. Hence, it has a special impact on the beginnings in various aspects of life. The New Moon ritual allows you to take advantage of positive energy and put it on the beginnings and periods of renewal.

    Even if you are not in the process of starting something new, it is a time to propose it and open up to new things. As well as allowing ideas to flow and clearly contemplating special goals.

    5-step ritual to do in New Moon:

    Get ready. Choose a quiet place for this ritual. Start by burning a branch of sage, which you can pass around your body and wherever you are.

    Debug. Think of all that you wish to heal, liberate and dispossess, that which hurts or disturbs you. Close the loop with them in your presence, thanking them for what they taught you, but tell them they have to go.

    Idealize. Now put in your mind that seed that you want to see grow, be it health, prosperity, love, etc. Look at them clearly and as specific as possible. Remember that the universe understands positive and clear messages.

    Project. Take your new resolutions to a mental plane where you see them fulfilled. Visualize them as you focus on your slow breathing. You can also write and read them out loud multiple times.

    Seal. Charge with the energy of the New Moon a personal amulet: crystal, pendant or ring.

    When doing this ritual you can represent certain elements of nature:

    Fire: through the lighting of a white or green candle.

    Air: burn an incense; those of lavender, lemon balm and calamus are those that are related to the Moon.

    Earth: put a glass of water and a crystal.

    How to speak to the Moon that cannot be seen?

    Although the New Moon also known in lunar phase as new moon or intermoon, cannot be seen in its illuminated hemisphere from the planet, it does not mean that it is not there.

    Even being between the Earth and the Sun it can be even more full of energy than ever and it is still an opportunity to attract it. That is why astrologically it is a time to plant seeds of what you want to see grow in your life; as well as starting a growth process.

    What energy is harnessed during the New Moon:

    The New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycles. Hence, it has a special impact on the beginnings in various aspects of life. Therefore, the rituals that are carried out during the new moon are perfect for:

    • Attracts good luck
    • Combats economic problems
    • Attracts abundance and money
    • Achieves concentration
    • Connect with the body and soul
    • Encourages creativity
    • Improves mood
    • Brings protection
    • Ward off bad influences
    • Nullify diseases

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