New Costa Rica immigration law – only law abiding mut pay by the rules

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    by Gringa en CR

    Just because the rules have changed, doesn’t mean the incompetency of Costa Rica’s immigration system has been fixed.

    Last week I received a necessary document from CR Migracion that was supposed to accurately detail my personal history of entries and exits to/from Costa Rica.

    In short, I have entered Costa Rica 11 times in 8 years and lived full-time here as a legal resident for the last 3+ years. All entries/exits were through the immigration lines at Juan Santamaria International Airport with their modern computers and serious looking agents.

    However, my official Costa Rica migracion history shows 1 entry in 2004 and 3 exits – the last exit or “salida” being back in 2007.

    This would mean officially I had snuck into Costa Rica illegally 2 times and left in full sight through the airport. It also means CR migracion did not know I entered the country 8 other times through their main airport.

    This also means I am not here in Costa Rica – that I have been living here without their knowledge. Even though I am a member of the Caja national health system making monthly payments and receiving monthly medications + have a CR drivers license/car/active bank accounts at state owned banks/monthly bills through state owned utilities, etc., etc., etc., etc.

    CR migracion will not take my passport with their own immigration stamps and substantial supporting documents on-hand as proof that I am here or for proof of my previous entries/exits.

    Migracion requires I petition their legal department with a letter in Spanish that includes official travel itineraries from the airlines (4 different airlines in 8 years at a cost of $90 per history) for review … meaning foreign airline databases are the official records of Costa Rica immigration.

    Perpetual Tourists shouldn’t worry too much about those border stamps every 90 days … Costa Rica has no clue as to whether your here, when or if you entered, when or if you left!

    Unfortunately this is another Costa Rica example that only the law abiding are required to pay by the rules.

    Gringa en CR

    somewhere in Costa Rica, I think

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