More than 9,500 Businesses Closed and 226 Arrested for Not Complying with Sanitary Measures

Minister of Public Security Presented a Balance of the Operations of Security, Transit, and Migration

The interventions of Public Security officers and the Traffic Police have applied 13,047 sanctions for violating the sanitary vehicle restriction, while more than 9,500 businesses have been closed during the health quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our work is permanent to protect the population in the face of the COVID-19 emergency”. Our work is carried out by air, land and water, declared the Minister of Public Security, Michael Soto, when presenting a balance of results of the inter-institutional operations carried out in carried out by the different police forces to enforce the sanitary orders issued by the Ministry of Health.

At a press conference, Soto explained that from March 19th to April 28th, 9,524 establishments have been closed and 226 people have been arrested for contempt of the measures issued by the Ministry of Health.

 “We have been consistent with this work at the national level, in coordination with the different authorities, to update the sanitary measures so that they are adapted to the reality of the evolution of the virus”, he said to the hierarch, referring to the inter-institutional work that Police bodies of the central and judicial government are carried out throughout the country to guarantee effective compliance with the different provisions issued by the Ministry of Health.

Migratory Issue

According to the report, since border closings began a total of 8,540 people have been rejected who have attempted to enter Costa Rican soil illegally. The border posts of Peñas Blancas and Las Tablillas is where the authorities have returned the largest number of foreigners. Likewise, a total of 7,857 migratory sanitary orders have been delivered.

Costa Rica’s migration police

Minister Soto highlighted the coordinated work of the police forces of Public Security, Migration, and Traffic in conjunction with agents of the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) that carry out a strong surveillance operation in remote areas or “blind spots” in the bordering strip of the country.

He warned that those who try to return to the country illegally will lose their regular status and will be rejected, and that nationals who enter the country will continue to apply a sanitary isolation order for 14 days, warning that those who violate this provision will be fined with US$ 708.57.

Premises and People Arrests

In his presentation, the head of Public Security explained that the Public Force has closed 9,524 establishments and arrested 226 people (193 men and 33 women), for contempt of the measures issued by the Ministry of Health. He added that reports of bars and establishments that do not meet these guidelines can be reported to 1322 or to the local police delegation.

Vehicular Restriction

The police corps of the Ministry of Public Security and the Traffic Police have issued a total of 13,047 drivers who have violated the sanitary vehicle restriction during the day and night hours. These people carry a fine of US$ 19.48, the confiscation of license plates, and a penalty of 6 points on their driver’s license, which leads them to carry out an awareness test.

Additionally, 38,483 have been made for other reasons and 238 drivers have been caught driving while intoxicated. “We appeal to the citizen conscience. We are sure that they will make our work much easier and in this way they will collaborate with the country in dealing with this emergency, saving and protecting lives. Be aware and attend to health measures for the good of the entire population”, concluded the Minister of Public Security, Michael Soto.

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