Ministry of Health Approves Sanitary Registry of the “Morning After Pill”

In Costa Rica, There Are only 2 Types of Sale of Medicines: Free Sale and under Medical Prescription

After reviewing the documents submitted by the pharmaceutical company Richter PLC Geodon, the Ministry of Health approved the drug registration Levonorgestrel, popularly known as the “morning after pill”, said the Ministry of Health.

After obtaining health registration, the pharmaceutical company must perform quality testing of the 1st batch, which is being processed in the laboratory LAYAFA (Laboratory of Analysis and Consulting Pharmaceutical) at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), in order to be sure of the composition of the drug.

Once the 1st batch has been approved, it will be the pharmaceutical company Quinfica of Costa Rica who defines the moment of commercialization of the product and its introduction in the market.

Currently, in Costa Rica, there are only 2 types of selling drugs: counter, which are the drugs that are available in supermarkets and grocery stores, and by prescription drugs that are acquired in pharmacies.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health issues a decree allowing the acquisition of Levonorgestrel in pharmacies without a prescription. In this way, the users will be able to acquire the medication quickly and in a timely manner with pharmaceutical advice, at the moment the company starts marketing it in Costa Rica.

Use of Levonorgestrel It is an emergency contraception product to be used within 72 hours after the unprotected sexual intercourse or, alternatively, the failure of a contraceptive method.

SOURCEGerardo Quesada
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