More Protests Scheduled for November 15th

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    More than 18 groups including student associations, unions, environmentalists, civic committees, groups of human rights defenders and workers in general, will meet tomorrow at 9:00 am, in front of the Social Security Fund (CCSS), to protest against what they called “national problems”.

    The opposition of these groups against police repression, the criminalization of social protest, the financial problems of the CCSS, the Gag Law, the veto of the law of photocopying, GM policy proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture (MAG) , for gay rights, and the statement of the Ministry of Labor on the wages of waiters.

    The marches are organized by student associations, who met with representatives of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), to establish measures to prevent clashes and violence during the activity.

    The Association of Secondary School Teachers (APSE), statement said they were calling for the protest based on of two fundamental issues, the first is because a group of educators affiliated APSE area Alajuela were arrested and allegedly beaten last week.

    And second that there must be a stop the way to handle these protest demonstrations are handled by the authorities, as neither the Government nor the MSP can override constitutional rights of Costa Ricans

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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